About Us

Debbie formed ICM4Health Ltd in January 2013 specialising in NHS Business Plans and providing professional services to all MedTech companies seeking guidance and support in the adoption and diffusion of their product. The objective of the company is to support the introduction of MedTech devices into the NHS and create partnerships between healthcare industry, healthcare providers and users.

About Debbie Postlethwaite

Managing Director, ICM4Health Ltd

Debbie is an experienced project manager/service improvement facilitator having worked in the NHS for 17 years with a range of healthcare professionals and teams to instigate and action service improvement.

Debbie was one of the first people in the country to hold a Diploma in Innovation and Change Management within the NHS and has established, led and delivered a sustainable innovation pathway for the adoption of new MedTEch devices from concept to commercialization.

Debbie has clients across the UK, Europe and the USA. Debbie works closely with her clientsand through her expertise and experience she provides the services and support required to drive forward innovation, adoption and diffusion of devices into the NHS.