Straub Medical AG - Kenneth Brown

Area Sales Manager

We had the pleasure of working with Debbie on a complex business plan, which was for two distinct product lines. What was immediately obvious was Debbie's passion and dedication, and how quickly she was able to grasp what we were talking about. The work that Debbie did for us paid off within a month of the final business plan being delivered, and I believe that we will have a substantial return on this investment. The business planning tool prepared by Debbie is essential, and having a consultant who understands modern procurement systems in the NHS is beyond value; it is an integral part of any modern medical device sales organization. Thank you Debbie

Robert G B Lloyd BA Arch (Hons) MancCNAA


There is no doubt in my mind that Debbie's invaluable contribution led us to the successful conclusion we now enjoy.
Her skill and dogged determination to research and follow through our project to its successful conclusion are attributes I am pleased to recommend to anyone who has a similar brief to ours.

Alan Czeszynski - Oraya Therapeutics

Debbie Postlethwaite is an invaluable resource to Oraya Therapeutics UK Ltd as our sole patient information liaison in the country. Debbie is adept at explaining the Oraya Therapy procedure and clinical trial results to the elderly target population and their family members. She develops a trusting relationship within a short time, such that she is remembered by name during follow-up calls. Debbie is also responsible for arranging initial patient consultations with consultants in the private sector, and due to her system of methodical screening and follow-up is responsible for over 50% of patient treatments completed in the UK. Highly recommended.

Richard Lee, Business Development Director, TearLab Corp. EMEA.

Knowing where to start with a business case for new technology in the NHS can be a daunting task. Debbie however, in the space of only a few short weeks, was able to bring together all the salient facts, references and using her unique insights was able to create a working document to launch our new technology. This focused level of attention did not stop at the creation of the document but went further, she then set up and accompanied us on NHS clinic visits with two clients to facilitate business discussions vital to the input and development of the Business Case document. This willingness to go the extra mile was of great value to us as a company and I believe sets her apart from other consultants in this field.

Sharon Baverstock, UK Marketing Manager, Surgical Products, Hologic (UK) Limited

We were introduced to Debbie via a market access specialist as we were in the process of updating our Business Plans for the NHS. Debbie's professional expertise, looking at our Business Plans from an NHS perspective, provided valuable input, ensuring that our key messages were portrayed in a succinct format and enabling Hospital Trust's to approve and secure funding for our surgical medical technologies in a timely fashion.